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About Me

Dr. Roth was first introduced to the complexities of soft-tissue dysfunction while working as a Kinesiotherapist in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department at East Orange VA Medical center in East Orange, New Jersey. Dr. Roth provided physical therapy to disabled veterans with spinal cord, medical, surgical and neurological deficits.
In the tenth year of his 16 year career he chose to study Massage Therapy and become  certified in 1983. Upon receiving his first certification in Sports Massage he was selected by a national sports massage commision to be a US Olympic Team Therapist
 at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada. Dr. Roth further attained several massage and bodywork certifications in a variety of manual therapy techniques..
In 1991, he studied with renowned master physical therapist Schmuel Tatz at Carnegie Hall, NYC working with classical musicians and dancers of the theater and stage. After freelancing in a variety of medical clinics he embarked in the middle of his life to study Chiropractic and attain a  doctorate degree in 1998. 

Dr. Roth's greatest passion is teaching his workshops displaying an extremely knowledgeable and skillful approach during his presentations. "There is no greater joy then being on stage teaching to my massage therapy colleagues the hands-on wisdom of close to four decades of intensive patient care.

 He also provides workshops at North Jersey Massage Training Center in Parsippany, NJ and travels to various AMTA state chapters for weekend seminars. He is also teaching at Institute for Continuing Education in Fairfield, N.J. Positional Release Technique for massage therapists, chiropractors and physical thera[pists,

Dr. Roth has spent over 40 years attaining the knowledge, skill and wisdom to treat acute and chronic pain syndromes and instruct individuals in a variety of self-correcting techniques with the focus in getting that person to understand how their anatomy prefers to work within their activities of daily living.