Health in Hand Massage Therapy Center



I am 54 years old and come to see Dr. Roth 2X weekly for Chiropractic care. If it were not for Dr. Roth I could not come close to playing "league hockey" using the intense physical effort I employ and be back each week with great vigor. Dr. Roth knows how to find the spasmodic muscle points in order to perform the adjjustment with great ease.    

                                                                                                                    Bob Rohlander


 Dr. Roth has a special gift. I've been treated by chiropractors and massage therapists across the United States. Nowhere in my experience has any practitioner healed me as Dr. Henry has. Dr Henry draws from his multiple healing experiences, training skills, and innate knowledge in his synergistic approach to healing.

Dr. Henry has the capacity to align the human skeleton through the body manipulation, stretching, and touch. He "listens" to the body's messages through touch, then draws from his repetroire of techniques those that best meets the body's needs.

Through the process he applies, Dr.Henry is able to release an increased energy flow through the body that is nothing short of phenomenal. Surpressed negativity is released through his treatment that gives the body a new lease on life. Dr. Henry is a miracle worker. My body is virtually pain-free  through his efforts. Thank you Dr. Henry.

                                                                                                                  Phyllis Durden