Health in Hand Massage Therapy Center

Workshop Remarks

The way Dr Henry teaches with clarity and conviction gives me confidence to remember and use the techniques demonstrated in the workshop.   He really makes sure you understand what you are doing. Taking this class is a gift and an honor to be in the presence of a true master who gives so much of his talent and heart with kindness. He has found his gift to the universe and the universe is grateful beyond measure.(Sports Massage)

Susan Westra

Dr Henry was a very warm and interesting instructor. I am an instructor in Saddle River at Helma Institute in Saddle Brook, NJ, therfore I was critical in my evaluation. I would attend another class taught by Dr Henry,(Medical Massage)

Lorraine Marchese

Great balance between demonstrations and hands-on traing-Excellent!!(Under the Stone)

Kevin M.

Very personable instructor!

Jane Marron

Instructor made the learning experience fun and enjoyable and at the same time very educational. I would definitely take another course from Dr. Roth.

Debbie Shields

Great! Patience of a saint! Also fun! Learned a lot! Thank you!

Lynn Estrada

Excellent class-looking forward to the next class.(Art of Stretching)

Felicia Beach

Totally worth it. Would take additional courses offered by Dr. Henry Roth. Can't wait until the next class.(Art of Stretching)

Rose Nino

He is the best!(Under the Stone)


He is an amazing and challenging teacher. He exhibits a wealth of knowledge, but he has wisdom as well not to mention a great and warm spirit. Absolutely excellent. Best class I have taken

Dr Henry is the best ever-there are no substitutes-gifted, talented ,his work is priceless, leaves me wanting more!(The Art of Stretching)

Susan Westra

Great techniques-easy on the therapist and the client!(Positional Release Therapy)

Lisa Stefano

It is an honor to work with a master teacher like Dr Henry!(Positional Release Therapy)

Kathy Zoldaz

Fabulous workshop that can be incorporated into all modalities of massage.(Art of Stretching)

Laure Berger

Liked hot rock massage better then I thought I would. Liked it enough to buy 4 stones.(Under the Stone)

Bonnie Jamrozy

After 16 years I still learned so, so, so much every day. It was perfect. Dr Roth has such a personal presentation and presented the information in such a understandable way.(Stretching)

Michael Vincent

How wonderful the stretching is about. You sometimes learn then forget. This was a great experience. The unwinding of my pain was incredible.(Table Stretch Your Clients)

Nancy Waterman